Canon adds another(lame) mirrorless camera.

Canon just announced the M50, their latest entry into the mirrorless camera market. I’ve had a love/hate relationship with Canon for the past several years. They seem to deliberately cripple their cameras. Who knows what the real reason is, but market segmentation and dribbling out features to keep customers on a constant upgrade cycle are likely the main reasons.

For example, look at the 4K video. Canon makes a camera that delivers excellent 4K, but it’s the top of the line model(1DxMark2) that weighs a ton and has a price to match. Or alternatively, you could pick up the 5Dmark4, still a pricey body, but it gives you 4K video. However, it tacks on a crop factor that delivers lower quality.

How about cameras with fast frame rates? The 1DxMark2 will give you 14fps, but if it’s out of your price range, you can settle for the 5Dmark4 with slightly better resolution, but only 7 fps.

Canon never seems to give you something without taking something away if you buy anything but the top body.

A simple formula I have for calculating data flow is frames per second times sensor megapixels. The 1Dx clocks 280mp/sec, the 5DMark4, 210mp/sec, and the 7Dmark2 gives us 200mp/sec. Why is that important? To me, it tells me how much data the camera can process. What if we compared to Sony? Let’s see, their entry-level camera, the A6000 gives 11fps at 24 megapixels, so we get 264mp/sec. Hmm, a three-year-old budget camera provides as much throughput as Canon’s top of the line?

What about Sony’s latest? The A7R3 with 42 megapixels and 10 fps gives 420 mp/sec!

So why did I call the M50 lame?

Canon gives it 4k, but it’s severely crippled(a crop camera with another crop for the 4k), I’d be surprised if it’s any different in quality than my iPhones 4k!

They offer a “silent” shutter, but it only works in one mode. The camera has a frame rate of 7fps, but the buffer will only handle one second of shooting. They put in eye detection, but it only works in single shot autofocus(what’s the point then?), and finally, an underpowered battery.

After all the marketing hoopla about the new processor and raw formats, they delivered a pretty lame camera!

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