I live and breathe science fiction stories. I will be posting original short flash fiction type stories and periodically excerpts from three novels I’m currently working on. They will be mostly unedited, at least by a professional, and will be a bit rough around the edges since it is impossible to see apparent goof-ups in your own work. Those pesky little typos, word omissions, author intrusions and such, sneak in and without another set of eyes or beta readers, I’ll likely miss things.

But feel free to pipe in and point them out. I’ll fix them!

And, if anyone has a story they want to share, send it along to me, and I’d be happy to post it. Copyright will be yours and if Ridley Scott or Christopher Nolan purchase the movie rights, be sure to mention that you got your big break on PenandPixel.ca!! Ha Ha…

First Blog Post

Ok, so you may have noticed my site meanders a bit. Hopefully, by the time a lot of people find the site, this comment will seem out of place as I will have fixed everything by then. But in the meantime, you the early visitor, bear with me!

I hope to have new content a few times a week. I will be commenting on the state of the industry, camera brands, image editing, techniques and hopefully, cover topics that are largely ignored by other sites.